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جست لينين ميدنايت مقاس 88 × 100 بوصة ملاءة سرير مسطحة مع أغطية وسادة - 3 قطع

من Just Linen

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  • SATEEN FABRIC - SUPERIOR COMFORT : 100% Cotton 210 TC Sateen Woven Bed Linen is very soft and pleasant to sleep on. Combed Cotton gives the Bed Linen an extra smooth and even surface which feels soft against your skin
  • DURABILITY : Closely woven with single ply yarns, the fabric is lightweight, soft & lustrous and has extra durability.
  • USAGE : Just Linen sheet sets are available inrange of 210 to 1000 thread counts & more than 9 sizes to suit everybody's requirement.This set of bed linen is ideal for elegant bedrooms.
  • 1 Bedsheet: 88 x 100 Inches / 223 x 254 Cms; 2 Pillow Covers: 18 x 27 Inches / 45 x 68 Cms
  • NOTE: Please check the sold by" SELLER NAME, located directly above product sizes. Only products sold by 'Just Linen Home Fashion' are genuine & guaranteed 'JUST LINEN' branded

معلومات المنتج

اللون : Blue | الحجم : Queen
التفاصيل التقنية
العلامة التجاريةJust Linen
رقم الموديل2724585782691
وزن السلعة948 g
أبعاد المنتج4 x 30.6 x 28.2 cm
معلومة إضافية
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تصنيف أفضل البائعين على أمازون #61.422 في المطبخ (شاهد أفضل 100 في المطبخ)
وزن الشحن1 Kg
تاريخ توفر أول منتج12 يناير، 2019

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وصف المنتج

اللون :ازرق  |  الحجم :كوين

Product Features:

  • Brand: Just Linen
  • Color: Midnight Blue
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Size: Queen (Bedsheet - 88 x 100 inches/223 x 254 cm and Pillow Cover - 18 x 27 inches/45 x 68 cm)
  • Type: Bedding Sets
  • Pattern: Sateen Solid
  • Product Weight: 950 grams
  • Model Number: JB012306QS
  • Number of Threads: 210 Thread Count
  • Details: Your Bed Set is the highlight of your home décor. Make yours unique with just linen's solid bed linen collection, which is not only light on your pocket, but also a treat for your eyes after a long days' work. The bold and solid pattern woven into the fabric, will surely transform your room's appearance to that of a subtle abode. Closely woven with single ply yarns, the fabric is lightweight, soft & lustrous.
  • Care Instructions: Do not bleach or soak. Wash dark colors separately and dry in shade. Recommended water temperature upto 40 Degree Celsius. Medium-Heavy ironing required after wash. No need to dry clean.

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