Jack & Jones Men's Slim Fit Blazer

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Size chart
AE Regular
Brand sizeEU
DE Regular
Brand sizeDeutschland
ES Camisas
Brand sizeEstándarFitPechoChestSleeve Length
S36Regular fit52.57665
M40 - 42Regular fit54.57866
L44Regular fit56.58067
XL46 - 48Regular fit59.58268.5
2XL50Regular fit62.58470
S36Slim flit507666
M40 - 42Slim flit527767
L44Slim flit547868
XL46 - 48Slim flit587969
2XL50Slim flit628070
ES Camisetas
Brand sizeEstándarFitPechoChestSleeve Length
S36Regular fit506918
M40 - 42Regular fit527119
L44Regular fit547320
XL46 - 48Regular fit587621
2XL50Regular fit627922
S36Slim fit476717
M40 - 42Slim fit496918
L44Slim fit517119
XL46 - 48Slim fit557420
2XL50Slim fit597721
ES Chaquetas, Abrigos
Brand sizeEstándarFitPechoChestSleeve Length
S36Bomber Regular fit5971.566
M40 - 42Bomber Regular fit6172.568
L44Bomber Regular fit6373.570
XL46 - 48Bomber Regular fit66.576.572
2XL50Bomber Regular fit7079.574
S36Bomber Slim fit566966.5
M40 - 42Bomber Slim fit587068.5
L44Bomber Slim fit607170.5
XL46 - 48Bomber Slim fit63.57472.5
2XL50Bomber Slim fit678774.5
S36Cuero Regular fit566567
M40 - 42Cuero Regular fit586768
L44Cuero Regular fit606969
XL46 - 48Cuero Regular fit627170
2XL50Cuero Regular fit657371
S36Cuero Slim fit546366
M40 - 42Cuero Slim fit566567
L44Cuero Slim fit586768
XL46 - 48Cuero Slim fit606969
2XL50Cuero Slim fit637170
S36Lana Larga Regular fit557567.5
M40 - 42Lana Larga Regular fit577668.5
L44Lana Larga Regular fit597769.5
XL46 - 48Lana Larga Regular fit62.58070.5
2XL50Lana Larga Regular fit668371.5
S36Lana Larga Slim fit537466.5
M40 - 42Lana Larga Slim fit557567.5
L44Lana Larga Slim fit577668.5
XL46 - 48Lana Larga Slim fit60.57969.5
2XL50Lana Larga Slim fit648270.5
S36Nailon Regular Fit566867
M40 - 42Nailon Regular Fit587068
L44Nailon Regular Fit607269
XL46 - 48Nailon Regular Fit637470
2XL50Nailon Regular Fit667671
S36Nailon Slim fit546666
M40 - 42Nailon Slim fit566867
L44Nailon Slim fit587068
XL46 - 48Nailon Slim fit617269
2XL50Nailon Slim fit647469
S36Lana Corta Regular fit557169
M40 - 42Lana Corta Regular fit577270
L44Lana Corta Regular fit597371
XL46 - 48Lana Corta Regular fit62.57672
2XL50Lana Corta Regular fit667973
S36Lana Corta Slim fit535368
M40 - 42Lana Corta Slim fit555569
L44Lana Corta Slim fit575770
XL46 - 48Lana Corta Slim fit60.560.571
2XL50Lana Corta Slim fit646472
ES Sudaderas y punto
Brand sizeEstándarPechoChestSleeve Length
M40 - 425369.586
XL46 - 48597491
ES Pantalones y vaqueros
Brand sizeFitCintura30"32"34"36"38"
W28Skinny fit7576818589-
W29Skinny fit77.576818589-
W30Skinny fit8076818589-
W31Skinny fit82.576818589-
W32Skinny fit8576818589-
W33Skinny fit87.576818589-
W34Skinny fit9076818589-
W36Skinny fit9576818589-
W38Skinny fit10076818589-
W40Skinny fit10576818589-
W28Slim fit76.576818589-
W29Slim fit7876818589-
W30Slim fit8176818589-
W31Slim fit83.576818589-
W32Slim fit8676818589-
W33Slim fit88.576818589-
W34Slim fit9176818589-
W36Slim fit9676818589-
W38Slim fit10176818589-
W40Slim fit103.576818589-
W28Regular fit767681858993
W29Regular fit78.57681858993
W30Regular fit817681858993
W31Regular fit83.57681858993
W32Regular fit867681858993
W33Regular fit88.57681858993
W34Regular fit917681858993
W36Regular fit967681858993
W38Regular fit1017681858993
W40Regular fit1067681858993
W28Regular y comfort fit76.576818589-
W29Regular y comfort fit7976818589-
W30Regular y comfort fit81.576818589-
W31Regular y comfort fit8476818589-
W32Regular y comfort fit86.576818589-
W33Regular y comfort fit8976818589-
W34Regular y comfort fit91.576818589-
W36Regular y comfort fit96.576818589-
W38Regular y comfort fit101.576818589-
W40Regular y comfort fit106.576818589-
W28Loose fit77.57883879195
W29Loose fit807883879195
W30Loose fit82.57883879195
W31Loose fit857883879195
W32Loose fit87.57883879195
W33Loose fit907883879195
W34Loose fit92.57883879195
W36Loose fit97.57883879195
W38Loose fit102.57883879195
W40Loose fit107.57883879195
W28Anti fit76.576818589-
W29Anti fit7976818589-
W30Anti fit81.576818589-
W31Anti fit8476818589-
W32Anti fit86.576818589-
W33Anti fit8976818589-
W34Anti fit91.576818589-
W36Anti fit96.576818589-
W38Anti fit101.576818589-
W40Anti fit10476818589-
ES Confección
Brand sizeEstándarTallaSleeve LengthChest
M40 - 42506673
XL46 - 48546875
IT Camicie
Brand sizeFitPettoposterioreSleeve Length
SRegular fit52.57665
MRegular fit54.57866
LRegular fit56.58067
XLRegular fit59.58268.5
2XLRegular fit62.58470
SSlim fit507666
MSlim fit527767
LSlim fit547868
XLSlim fit587969
2XLSlim fit628070
IT Magliette
Brand sizeFitPettoposterioreSleeve Length
SRegular fit506918
MRegular fit527119
LRegular fit547320
XLRegular fit587621
2XLRegular fit627922
SSlim fit476717
MSlim fit496918
LSlim fit517119
XLSlim fit557420
2XLSlim fit597721
IT Giacche, Cappotti
Brand sizeFitPettoposterioreSleeve Length
SBomber Regular fit5971.566
MBomber Regular fit6172.568
LBomber Regular fit6373.570
XLBomber Regular fit66.576.572
2XLBomber Regular fit7079.574
SBomber Slim fit566966.5
MBomber Slim fit587068.5
LBomber Slim fit607170.5
XLBomber Slim fit63.57472.5
2XLBomber Slim fit678774.5
SPelle Regular fit566567
MPelle Regular fit586768
LPelle Regular fit606969
XLPelle Regular fit627170
2XLPelle Regular fit657371
SPelle Slim fit546366
MPelle Slim fit566567
LPelle Slim fit586768
XLPelle Slim fit606969
2XLPelle Slim fit637170
SLana Regular fit557567.5
MLana Regular fit577668.5
LLana Regular fit597769.5
XLLana Regular fit62.58070.5
2XLLana Regular fit668371.5
SLana Slim fit537466.5
MLana Slim fit557567.5
LLana Slim fit577668.5
XLLana Slim fit60.57969.5
2XLLana Slim fit648270.5
SNailon Regular Fit566867
MNailon Regular Fit587068
LNailon Regular Fit607269
XLNailon Regular Fit637470
2XLNailon Regular Fit667671
SNailon Slim fit546666
MNailon Slim fit566867
LNailon Slim fit587068
XLNailon Slim fit617269
2XLNailon Slim fit647469
SLana Corta Regular fit557169
MLana Corta Regular fit577270
LLana Corta Regular fit597371
XLLana Corta Regular fit62.57672
2XLLana Corta Regular fit667973
SLana Corta Slim fit535368
MLana Corta Slim fit555569
LLana Corta Slim fit575770
XLLana Corta Slim fit60.560.571
2XLLana Corta Slim fit646472
IT Maglieria
Brand sizePettoposterioreSleeve Length
IT Jeans
Brand sizeFitWaistInternoInternoInternoInternoInterno
28Skinny fit7576818589-
29Skinny fit77.576818589-
30Skinny fit8076818589-
31Skinny fit82.576818589-
32Skinny fit8576818589-
33Skinny fit87.576818589-
34Skinny fit9076818589-
36Skinny fit9576818589-
38Skinny fit10076818589-
40Skinny fit10576818589-
28Slim fit76.576818589-
29Slim fit7876818589-
30Slim fit8176818589-
31Slim fit83.576818589-
32Slim fit8676818589-
33Slim fit88.576818589-
34Slim fit9176818589-
36Slim fit9676818589-
38Slim fit10176818589-
40Slim fit103.576818589-
28Regular fit767681858993
29Regular fit78.57681858993
30Regular fit817681858993
31Regular fit83.57681858993
32Regular fit867681858993
33Regular fit88.57681858993
34Regular fit917681858993
36Regular fit967681858993
38Regular fit1017681858993
40Regular fit1067681858993
28Regular e comfort fit76.576818589-
29Regular e comfort fit7976818589-
30Regular e comfort fit81.576818589-
31Regular e comfort fit8476818589-
32Regular e comfort fit86.576818589-
33Regular e comfort fit8976818589-
34Regular e comfort fit91.576818589-
36Regular e comfort fit96.576818589-
38Regular e comfort fit101.576818589-
40Regular e comfort fit106.576818589-
28Loose fit77.57883879195
29Loose fit807883879195
30Loose fit82.57883879195
31Loose fit857883879195
32Loose fit87.57883879195
33Loose fit907883879195
34Loose fit92.57883879195
36Loose fit97.57883879195
38Loose fit102.57883879195
40Loose fit107.57883879195
28Anti fit76.576818589-
29Anti fit7976818589-
30Anti fit81.576818589-
31Anti fit8476818589-
32Anti fit86.576818589-
33Anti fit8976818589-
34Anti fit91.576818589-
36Anti fit96.576818589-
38Anti fit101.576818589-
40Anti fit10476818589-
IT Sartoria
Brand sizeTagliaSleeve Lengthposteriore
SA T-shirt, shirt, Outwear, knitwear
Brand sizeEUChest
SA Jacket
Brand sizeEUChest
  • mottled blazer
  • button closure
  • Closure: Button
  • Style: Blazer
  • Fit Type: Slim, Modern
  • Multipack: 1

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Product description

The blazer by JACK & JONES convinces with a classic and jet really modern fit. The mottled structure is a highlight. Small details like buttons at the sleeves edges, an inside pocket and lining and a little dragonfly figure are giving a special quality. The blazer looks chic with dark blue jeans.

Product details

  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 41 x 28.3 x 9.8 cm; 680 Grams
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ 3 May 2020
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ JACK & JONES PREMIUM
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07Q3RC284
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ 12149223
  • Department ‏ : ‎ Men's
  • Customer reviews:
    5.0 out of 5 stars 5 ratings

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