ASICS Sports Sneakers for Women 36 EU - Azure/Blue Print -1012A008-401

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Multi Color
  • Jacquard mesh upper - Provides breathable comfort and flexible support.
  • Stretchy mesh - Adapts and flexes with your foot.
  • Wider toe box - Allows for comfortable toe splay and a more efficient push-off.
  • Seamless construction - Reduces risk of rubbing and blisters.
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ASICS Gel-Cumulus 20 Women's Running Shoes A favourite for 20 years and counting. GEL-Cumulus celebrates its 20th anniversary with premium technology and a refined design that offers optimal support and comfort for runners of all levels. A FlyteFoam midsole teams up with rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning for a smooth, lightweight ride that maintains full contact with the ground. Its jacquard mesh upper elevates the styling and forms to your foot for a fit that feels customised just for you. Seamless Upper Jacquard mesh uppers will encase each foot in breathable comfort. Perforations in the fabric increase airflow to create a better, healthier environment for your feet to thrive in. The new, stretchy mesh flexes with your foot for a smooth, distraction-free ride, and a wider toe box allows for comfortable splay and therefore a more efficient push-off. A seamless construction produces an irritation-free fit, whilst minimising bulk, weight and layers, because we know how rubbing and blisters can ruin your day. Independently placed eyelets embellish the shoe, dispersing lace tension to further enhance the customised fitting environment and comfort of the Cumulus 20. Reflective elements complete the upper, increasing your visibility to passing vehicles to keep you safe on those low-light road runs. FlyteFoam Midsole An Ortholite sockliner lies atop a bouncy midsole, implemented to supply an extra layer of plush and hygienic step-in comfort. This premium product features higher rebound properties but also provides excellent moisture-management and a high level of breathability; so you stay damp-free and comfortable on hot, longer distance days. FluidRide technology, a two layered midsole construction, features for a winning combination of cushioning and bounce-back. The luxurious SpEVA and Solyte material fusion results in comfort, durability and light weight, cushioning the foot and supplying energy-packed bounce to minimise fatigue. Sitting beneath the

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