Panter Silex Link S3 247 (1 year warranty; Made in Spain; With toe cap; Puncture proof midsole) Safety Shoes and Boots

السعر: 185.00 درهم
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جدول المقاسات
  • 100% Made in Spain. 1 year warranty from date of purchase.
  • Wide size range with ergonomic lasts adapted to both masculine and feminine physiognomy.
  • Top quality waterproof and breathable full grain leather combined with high tenacity mesh.
  • Impact resistant plastic toe cap (200J) and non-metal puncture resistant midsole (1100N).
  • Certificate OEKO-TEX. The fabrics involved in the production of this footwear are free of substances which may result hazardous against humans or the environment.
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1 year warranty from date of purchase. Ergonomic, flexible and lightweight safety boot with a modern design and fastening system via shoelaces. Specially reinforced sole. Anti-torsion design, its oil and hydrocarbons resistance provides greater durability and resistance. Completely antistatic and antibacterial insole. Maximum ankle protection owing to the oversized anti-chafing pads.

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