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October 31, 2020
So I originally bought this item back in August hoping to add voice controlled lights to my bedroom. The two pack seemed ideal at the time. And it was, I was pleasantly surprised by good build quality & packaging. Furthermore when I plugged them in and turned them on and set them up with the app, everything worked as described!
This first pair of bulbs (Grey base as pictured) had no problems connecting to Apple HomeKit on iOS and I was loving the voice control through Siri.
Following this great experience I ordered another pair and was even more pleasantly surprised when I noticed the price had dropped since my last purchase! great!
But alas, once delivered I noticed that the bulbs were not the 2 pack as I received last time, they were two separate bulbs and they were also different from the previous pair. These have white bulb bases (as can be seen is some other amazon listings) and once paired to the Xiaomi Home app refused to be added to HomeKit.. hence, no voice control through Siri!
Regardless the functionality is the same but after some digging online, I found that this model (MJDPL01YL) is older and does not have the ability to connect to HomeKit even after the latest firmware upgrade.
Returning this pair, and hoping that there is a future listing with specified HomeKit support!

tl;dr: Grey base = Gut! HomeKit compatible , White base = Not HomeKit compatible - Also it HomeKit compatibility is not printed on the packaging.
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