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July 5, 2020
Received the product in its original packaging. The picture being advertised can be a bit misleading - I actually thought maybe one bulb is white and the other is color - But thankfully BOTH are colored - which is great!

This worked as a normal bulb as soon as you manually switch on your lamp before you setup via mobile application(s). ( I read a review here saying 'I wish you could use this without wifi " well you can...but who wants to use this as a normal white bulb anyway?! )

You need to install a couple of apps but pairing was easy - just follow the instructions in manual given.

I would definitely recommend this product for the below reason :
1. Energy-saving - A one time investment - I think this brightens up an entire room just with a wall lighter lamp.
2. Mood setting - Enables you to adjust your room lighting so easily. So much fun!
3. Smart home device - If you have Amazon Echo ( Like me ) or Google home or any other smart home device that is applicable - It is a lot of fun to use. I mean, make use of the technology you own :)

It works well with my Amazon Echo - It sure is a lot of fun when you can just speak to it and customize everything the bulb can do. The connectivity is great!
For those wondering what if I have a smart bulb in each room but only one Echo device in the living room for example... You can use your Amazon Alexa app on your phone... and that acts like the main device... So if you are in your room, you can literally add the Amazon Alexa widget on your home screen (Android for me) and say "switch on/off/increase/decrease/change color of room light" .. and it works perfectly.

Still early days with the product.. but good so far. Hope this was helpful and BRIGHTENS up your day! Cheers!
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4.2 out of 5
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