About Product Ads from External Websites

Product ads link to products available from other websites to provide you with greater product selection and more price information in one place.

If you click on one of the links, you will be taken off Amazon.ae; a new browser window will open to a product page on the external website where you can continue shopping. Offers from other websites appear under the headers "Available at External Website," "Product Ads from External Websites" or "Product Ads" so you will know when you are leaving Amazon.ae.

You are not buying from Amazon.ae if you purchase an item from an external website. This means that the external website will charge your credit card and ship the product to you. You should contact the external website seller directly if you have questions about your order.

If you decide to purchase the item by clicking on one of these links, it's important to remember a few things:

  • Any transaction you make would be with the individual seller that posted the link on our website--not with Amazon.ae
  • Because the order would be placed outside of the Amazon.ae website, our A-to-z Guarantee Protection would not apply to your purchase.
  • If you have questions about billing, shipping, or any other customer service questions related to your order, you would need to contact the seller directly for assistance.

Note: For information about listing your products on Amazon.ae click here .

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