Terms & Conditions of Installment

The following terms & conditions apply to any transactions made using Installments as a payment option on Amazon.

Terms and Conditions of Installment

The following terms & conditions apply to any transactions made using Installment as a payment option on Amazon.ae

Amazon allows Installments ("Installments") payment method on all purchases on Amazon.ae using eligible credit cards. Your issuing bank facilitates the Installment payment method.

Customers can combine items from multiple sellers into a single purchase on Amazon.ae and convert the purchase into an Installment.

If your bank rejects your request, the order will not be converted into an Installment payment plan and you will charged to your Credit Card.

Installments is not available on purchases made using Debit cards or Cash on Delivery payment methods.

Installments is offered by the respective banks to the customer and Amazon has no role to play in the approval, extension, pricing, modification, pre-closure, closure or any matter incidental thereto pertaining to offering of the Installment, which is decided at the sole discretion of the bank.

Installments being offered by the banks to the customers is governed by the respective terms and conditions of each bank/issuer and the customer is advised to approach the bank/issuer in case of any complaint, dispute or enquiry about an Installment transaction.

Amazon on a best effort basis displays representative Installment related information (Installment amount, Interest rate charged, Total amount payable) for the customer's purchase on its website as per the information shared with it by the respective banks on an "AS IS" basis. Banks/Issuers are the authoritative source of this information and customers are advised to directly contact their bank/issuer for any further clarifications in this regard. For more information, we request you to review the terms and conditions of the respective banks offering such Installment facility.

For terms and conditions applicable to installments made, visit:

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