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4.5 | 390 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
It is really really a great phone, maybe the best. I'm saying maybe because for example its camera compared with iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Note 10 Plus is not that good. But it is still a very good camera that is comparable to them. On the other hand you have 90 hertz display which doesn't exist in almost any other phone. For me this is
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By OnePlus 7t Pro user
Just opened the beautiful box of this splendid phone, and starting to migrate from my old phone,
Everything is going smooth and the unit surpasses its descriptions, it is a technological marvel.
Still much time needed to explore it thoroughly but I specially enjoyed the Cameras and vivid display and high quality speakers,
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By Iman
Two weeks is all it takes for me to give a good, clean unbiased review.

Disclaimer: I don't work for any other mobile companies, i work in construction.

Amazon provided me a single sim phone while it should be double sim as per phone specifications and buyers guide.

The battery life is flat, uninspiring. I
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By Arj
4.5 | 199 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
Be aware that this device is UAE version, and it comes with Amazon warranty, not samsung warranty
As i called Samsung and checked with them, it has warranty for Egypt not UAE
But it has 1 year Amazon Warranty
In my case it was fine as i am egyptian, so it is good to have Samsung egypt warranty and amazon Uae warranty
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By Adham Attia
The mobile is great, but what I don't understand am taking the videos in the highest resolution and when I want to share it, the video looks really bad. Makes no sense, if the video is just looking good on your own mobile.
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By Beautysecrets
Battery life is VERY BAD, the phone looks amazing and original, it comes in a samsung sealed box and samsung sticker however I am doubting if the phone is actually original! To start with the charger looks way different and cheap quality which made me wonder (I have other samsung devices to compare) and after charging the phone, battery go
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By Mariane Bandeira
4.6 | 83 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
First I was scared to order then I went through public reviews and anyhow ordered it. After receiving it in my hand I recorded from the time unboxing till starting the phone. ITS AMAZING. TRUST ME IF YOU WILLING TO BUY IT JUST GO FOR IT. 100% RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY AND GENUINE... First time using android. I ordered Huawei because it has sim
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By Azam Khan
The triple cameras bring out a clear photo. The phone can also be used for study purpose. The audio quality as well is superb. This phone is also good for gaming.
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By Ronald Arinaitwe
Fast delivery, awesome phone... highly recommended
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By waseem
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4.5 | 121 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
I know you have seen million of reviews and videos about this phone on youtube.
But i just wanna say
* Its awesome device. 5 stars for because of 0 accidental touches. Other things you already know about this phon.
* Little heat after 5 hour pubg.
*Battery backup is very good.
*No headphone jack.but dont worry abo
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By Manoj singh
Loved the device .. best display ever.. but only thing here in UAE you don't get the OnePlus accessories here.. no wireless headphones .. no car warp charger .. no type c to headphone jack.. I really need these things here.
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By karanjot singh
1) Performance - 5/5
2)Display - 4.5/5
3)Camera - 3/5
4)Battery - 4/5
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By Amazon Customer
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4.4 | 150 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
I bought two same models , for me and my girl friend, it's the best phone I have ever used. I also have 1+3t, thats how I experienced this brand and now I loved it, beautiful design , amazing display, super fast to use, doesn't lag and what not.
Well Done OnePlus.
Haven't had the chance to use 1+7pro yet, hopefully be able to buy
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By Karandip Randhawa
The product is as stated. However, if you are not staying in the UAE, please note that the warranty on this item is only valid in Mainland China. Alternatively you will have to return it to the seller in the UAE.
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By L. Nel
I couldn't able to make calls from new totally disappointed.better don't go for this product.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 35 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
charging speed is amazing. Phone is good with amazing camera
Overall satisfied with the phone
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By Amazon Customer
Great value
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By suleiman tuffaha
Best phone ever
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By alena a.
4.4 | 89 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
i thought i would have a hard time using this phone, being an iphone user for almost a decade now; but the phone has good performance, fast, and a great camera... i'm very happy with the phone
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By rachel
The only downside I've found is that I couldn't find an easy way to transfer my files and apps yet, my last phone was samsung S9+ and it even comes with a cable adapter to transfer everything from the old phone, but not with this one.
It comes with a clear cover which is very convenient, but there is no screen cover, they are very aff
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By Sasky
It always shut down. I want to Return it back.
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By Jun Xu
4.3 | 125 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
The phone performance is outstanding. For normal users it is sufficient, economical and user friendly. Only drawback is there is no inbuilt cal recorder and some of the third party applications are not supportive.
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By Right
The phone is as described. It is the global version which has NFC. Only one sim/ sd card tray, so at a time you can put 1 sim card and 1 sd card OR 2 sim and no sd card. The case inside is very strong. The color of the phone is very beautiful. As for the fingerprint, after a while you will get used to the fingerprint at the back and after
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By Akshata M.
It was disappointing. expected to have inbuilt call recorder Which is essential for me.
My main reason to buy Mi is its inbuilt call recording option
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By Vinesh
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4.4 | 66 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
The product is nice. I faced only two issues.
1. Late delivery, received the item on 6th day.
2. There was No warranty card inside the phone box. In case of any problem within a year hope am I supposed to claim the warranty with the company.
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By Danish
Very nice phone I bought it as a gift.. actually made me rethink it again to have an Android phone instead of iOS.
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By WaeL
There is no warranty card inside. How to claim if there is any damage with in the warranty period.
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By Kannan R.
4.7 | 29 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
Best for the price. Perfect for gaming. Tried pubg :) no lags at all. Its weird that a mobile phone with no headphones. So I’ve to buy or use my other phone headphones.
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Nice phone, got this phone for 253 AED in black Friday sale.
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By Shoukath Ali
Hey, The Item received on time Really happy with the product. Nice paking & Fast Delivery All Good Cover opened And First look Was Cool I Think Its a good Gift For My Dad.
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By Amal Suresh
4.5 | 40 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
This time we have selected the product which was sold by Amazon and not their partner as we had a very bad experience in past, promptly delivered and no issue except the charger is not fast charger and pin are not suitable for UAE sockets (Its Indian charger)
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By Amazon Customer
Good, nothing to specify. First time using android. So, I don't have that 💯 trust which I have on my Apple brand with respect to the privacy and security of our data. So, I have uninstalled many apps which was default in this mobile. Phone is good nothing to complaint.
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By Manoj R
Indian charger. Indian settings inside device. Look wise not so attractive. No headphones in the package. Charger appears poor quality.
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By Kasim
4.2 | 180 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
Updated comments on Nov 07, my a70 was repaired by the seller perfectly! Thanks

The buyer send me a used phone, not new one, I bought on Aug, but when I turned on the phone, it comes into the system directly, no set up for activation!!! Also I can find some signs that the phone was used in July!!!
Even worse, the phone can
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By luckyzhaosf
The phone quality is questionable. Volume and power buttons are not working in less than a month time of use.
Also I cant seem to find a way to contact seller to find out about warranty terms.
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By Ahmed Mohamed
عندما استلمت المنتج، تبين انه لا يشمل ضمان سامسونج في دولة الخليج العربي ( الامارات الهربية المتحده) ، وان جهاز مخصص للتصدير والبيع في الدول الاوروبية ، اسبانيا، لقد تاكدت من هذه المعلومه
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By aboal7o0ob
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4.4 | 51 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
The unit is original. However, the phone was already opened unit and all the settings were done. I don't know whether I shall return or not. But If the seller clarifies why its open then its fine as I don't have another phone.
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By Belal
The most amazing part is battery, its incredible and also the phone is very handy and marvellous performance. If you are seeking a anroid phone in tge range of 2000 dhs so i will suggest you to go for this product.
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By Basu Rai
Original product but for Vietnam region warranty by huawei not covered in UAE only for Vietnam. Contacted huawei UAE and provided them with the serial number and they informed that they will not cover the warranty of the phone as it is for a different region.
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By Mohsin
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4.4 | 50 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
If you want a top of the range phone, this is not it. There are no bells and whistles with the ‌iPhone‌ SE 2, and it has an outdated design with ‌Touch ID‌, thick bezels, and single-lens camera, but it is a super fast smartphone that's an incredible deal.

It has the same processor as the iPhone 11 - which is amazing valu
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By Pete
Very good device in terms of style, performance, clarity of photos, video/audio...all in all, very worth-full in terms of all factors. Red color is so attractive...
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By Gokul Surendran
I started using the iPhone 2 days ago and the battery is not lasting 7 hours and the iPhone is abnormally hot when in use
Please assist
Additionally the ringtone is not working if l get a call,l suspect something wrong with this phone
I wait for you response
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By Mutizirwa
4.3 | 69 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
The phone was really good. I didn't expect it has a nice glossy screen. Full HD like quality. It works perfectly for normal usage.

YouTube, Facebook and other common applications looks so nice on the screen.

Delivery was delayed for a day or 2 but it manage to come.
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By Moises
Very Nice mobile, I like Xiaomi products, they one of the best, good response, other than camera everything is good, its a budget phone so for sure camera will not be good. I am giving 4star because this is the first time, i have seen budget phone box without head phone, i am sure its removed, because there is space given for head set...
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By Shanawas Rasheed
When i was on call after Some time screen not working i need to use lock screen button after that screen working normal.

I can't return now because my order return time got over.
It's last time..
In future i will not buy online any electronic product.
Specially MI products
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4.4 | 43 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
من الان وصاعدا لا استعمل الا شاومي احسن هاتف من ناحية القوة والتكنولوجيا والامكانيات والسرعة الخيالية انا استخدم الايفون لكن بعد هذا الهاتف حقيقى ابهرنى من كل شئ شاومي وبس
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By Mostafa Mostafa
received as described by the seller, good design and good building materials, it's working good so far without any issues except the overheating while using games ir heavy work.
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By Ahmed Neqqach
It's clearly mintion it's comes with earphones but it's missing 😠😠
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By Daina
4.8 | 19 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
Bought this phone as a gift for my husband and it came the next day in a legit package. We did check if the reviews are true that some received used phones but fortunately, we got a sealed one. The specs of this phone are amazing thinking that it was released last year x3 of its current price. It is not a bad choice for you to use. The cam
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By Rui903
All the items in the box were okay but the separators of the power brick and the other accessories were damaged (which is paper so nothing to worry)

Other than that everything else was excellent

I hope the local warranty is not a gimmick and they fix stuff if required.
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By bishwa d.
I initially doubted the quality of this cell cause of the low price of the model. In the end, I was wrong. It's perfect. I conformed from Samsung customer care. I'm happy with this product. There is only a 4 star rating because seller didn't replay.
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By Hamid Hafeez
6 offers from product price
4.3 | 60 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
Great phone on this price. Fluid no lag whatsoever. Camera is decent. Battery life is excellent. Im happy 😊
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By Mcfc Saeless
Mobile speed is ok..Camera not soo ok....and music also....
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By Mohammed K.
I've been using the Redmi Note 8 for a few weeks now. It has fairly good performance and features for this price point. One serious drawback is that using "Ok Google" to activate the voice assistant does not work on this model. There has been no sign of a fix coming from Xiaomi for over 5 months, so if that is an important feature for you,
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By Suresh
4.6 | 25 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
Product as mentioned and described.
Brand new with all accessories and with 512 GB and 8GB RAM
And 1 year Samsung Warranty.
Im a Samsung Note Fan, but i didnt use it since 4 years the note series, now holding the Mobile i feel its wrong to carry any other phone rather than this one, mashallah a superb performance and Camera
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By Rafatoov
Such an amazing phone. The camera on this phone is outstanding. Having the stylus is a plus as like to draw. Battery life is really good. Overall, extremely happy with phone and the price I got from Amazon.
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By Vinod Thekke Purakkal
Nice service and genuine product. I bought galaxy Note 9 ... 400 AED cheaper than Cariffour
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By خالد ا.
4.1 | 325 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4 or 5-star
The Samsung Galaxy M20 Dual sim was perfect but the case Kugi for Galaxy M20 case we bought for the phone did not fit it although it said for Galaxy M20.
We sent as a gift to our relative and there is no way to return it.
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By Lorain Shommer
I got my product next day of ordering, Product got MFG in China and we know how reliable it can be. As of now it's good but sound like Chinese phone while making call. Apart from this if you love MFG in China then only go for it. Review only belongs to mobile not for Seller.
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By Durgesh rai
if you like taking pictures with your phone, please do not purchase this product. Pictures taken on camera from this in not good
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By Anas abdulsalm